CCM EPOS Installation at Derby Manor Hotel

The Brief

The directors of Derby Manor Hotel had acquired the site of a rundown hotel which required a total refurbishment.

The Derby manor directors needed a system which would have all the required functionality for an hotel with a fine dining restaurant and the ability for the system to post food and beverage purchases directly onto their room management system.

Due to the nature of their existing business they required the ability to access the system from anywhere in the world to check sales and update the system.



After and in-depth consultation with the owners of derby manor CCM epos were able to offer the ideal solution with a two terminal networked system with local thermal printers and a remote kitchen printer.

Also with the TouchOffice Web the owners would be able to access the sales data and make any menu item or price changes from anywhere in the world.

The ICR Touchpoint system we offered would also be able to interface seamlessly with their Rooms management system Resident Pro


With ongoing communication with the customer CCM epos have ensured that any questions regarding the system have been dealt with immediately. The staff and management have been professionally trained in the use of the system. CCM have also liaised with the Resident Pro developers and trainers to ensure the system is ready and working for the go live of the business.

“Very Good Company, very Patient and easy to work with, Thank you Giles, Andrew, Lee and the team- Great Work” – James Milligan – Group Commercial Director